What People Are Saying

Here is what people say about our birthday and other greeting cards:

Hi There!!!
My husband and I just spent the last two weeks in Clearwater. It was fabulous!!!!! We loved Frenchy’s. . . and discovered your cards in the store!!! I bought almost a dozen!!! I loved them so much, they were hard to give away to my friends!!! I am a water color artist, and really appreciate your style. . . I mostly paint flowers, but really love color!!! I too, feel good in my studio!!! We live north of Dallas, but. . . Florida could be our next move, we are retired, and are definitely in the mode of “less is more”!!! Just too much house, land to deal with. Our winter reeeaaallly sucked, and last summer was the hottest ever, very intense heat, I feel that the heat in Florida would be easier to take. Plus, we have lots of friends in Colorado to visit during the worst part of summer. So anyway, I just related to you, and wanted to write and let you know how much your cards make me smile.
Most sincerely,
Melinda Hartner

Just wanted to tell you that I picked up several of your cards when I was in Tampa International Airport and absolutely love them. You are great! And funny! I visited your website to order more cards.
Love your sturff:
Carolyn Gump

Samples of the types of comments I get from collectors and dealers of my card line:

“I love these greeting cards, especially those birthday cards!”

“We love the creative thoughts put into each card. We have customers who collect them.”

“Collecting greeting cards is a hobby of mine, your greeting cards are my favorite.”

“Your product does most of its own selling after people see it.”

“I really like your greeting card line. I have sold every card you sell.”

“Your greeting line is one I sought out when I opened my store. It’s a lot of fun!”

“Quality at fair prices, good service, great greetings!”

Created by mastermind artist Karen Justice, Wild Jungle Chick Greeting & Birthday Cards are an “expression of love & laughter.” Karen believes that in order to become enlightened you have to lighten up. Her alter ego is a hormonally altered chicken with an attitude. She has overcome her fears with her feet firmly planted, she is reinventing herself daring to live life to its fullest… by the way, it is not aging gracefully. She celeberated many a birthday and received many birthday cards before she decided to launch her own line of birthday cards. Live on!

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